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What is the crisis for printing enterprises to get rid of business difficulties with innovative thinking? It is not only the dilemma of enterprise management, but also the opportunity of development

the impact of the economic crisis on the printing industry is obvious: in the United States, hundreds of newspapers have closed down, and a number of newspaper printing enterprises have come to an end; When the economic crisis came, people began to tighten their wallets. The recession of the consumer market directly led to the shrinkage of the packaging and printing market. If the impact of the economic crisis on the printing industry was temporary, then the impact of the technological crisis represented by Internet, e-reading on the printing industry was to strengthen the cooperation in the fields of deep processing of mineral products, new energy, electricity, agriculture and animal husbandry, frontier ports and so on for a sustained and long time

however, in the midst of a sigh, the printing industry is also full of highlights: a large number of newspapers have stopped printing, while a small number of personalized newspapers are still being tried; The development of industrialized printing production is hindered, but personalized printing, which closely fits people's lives, is booming; The sales of traditional offset printing equipment stagnated, but the sales of digital printing equipment still maintained growth. In this era, following the tide can no longer guarantee the survival of enterprises, let alone development. Only by continuous innovation can enterprises maintain their development vitality at all times

in view of the actual situation that printing enterprises are eager to create the first innovation but have no clue, the innovative thinking forum of printing enterprises jointly held by Bisheng printing and Beijing Printing Association will help printing enterprises find innovative ways and development directions

there is a strong lineup of speakers invited by this printing enterprise innovation thinking Forum: Luo Zhixiong, the former managing director of China business union printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., is a senior scholar in the printing industry and the initiator of Daluo publishing. At this forum, please start from the scope of Daluo Publishing, interpret in detail the infinite business opportunities brought by conceptual innovation to printing enterprises, and introduce the future development opportunities of the printing industry; Miss apple, although not very old, is an influential printing consulting expert in Hong Kong. She will analyze the technological development trend for printing enterprises and explain the combination of printing and networking in the future; Heidelberg, Kodak, Gauss, these enterprises are not only internationally renowned printing manufacturing enterprises, but also leading enterprises in printing technology innovation. This time, when participating in the innovative thinking forum, these enterprises will not bring you product introduction, but will start from the perspective of application, introduce the cost reduction, profit improvement and share successful experience brought by new technology

in the process of forum inquiry and other functions, a brainstorming session will be specially arranged to discuss some hot topics in the industry. Through borderless divergent thinking, we will fully mobilize everyone to participate in innovation and provide enlightenment for enterprise development

financial crisis or technological crisis, in fact, these are not terrible. As long as the operators of printing enterprises can constantly develop their own ideas, the methods will always be more difficult. The innovative thinking forum of printing enterprises will build an effective communication platform for all parties involved, collide with the spark of thinking, and open the door of innovative wisdom

(: Wang Jie)

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