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Nanhai printing enterprises seize development opportunities

recently, ye Guirong, member of the Standing Committee of Nanhai District Committee and director of the Publicity Department of Nanhai District Committee, visited nine printing enterprises in Nanhai city. Ye Guirong spoke highly of the healthy, orderly and rapid development of the printing industry in the urban area of Nanhai, and discussed with entrepreneurs how to seize the opportunity and strive to become stronger and bigger

in recent years, the printing enterprises in Nanhai urban area have developed rapidly. At present, there are more than 1000 printing enterprises, and a large number of export foreign exchange earners and tax payers such as southern packaging have emerged. However, there are also some printing enterprises with small scale, backward equipment and stagnant development. In the nationwide rectification of the printing industry last year, 389 printing plants were ordered to rectify within a time limit due to insufficient registered capital, insufficient plant construction area, obsolete printing machines and other reasons

in order to further understand the development status of printing enterprises and help enterprises seek the golden key to become stronger and bigger, ye Guirong led the staff of the district Publishing Bureau to investigate nine printing enterprises, including Guangdong jinweida Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Gaowei color printing packaging Co., Ltd. in Shatou, Xiqiao, Pingzhou, Guicheng, Dali, Yanbu and other places. When talking with the person in charge of the printing enterprise, ye Guirong said that the development of the enterprise depends on the support of the whole society. Functional departments should think more about the enterprise, do more practical things and solve problems for the enterprise, and provide all-round new material "1035" plan preparation services. Enterprises should dare to think and venture and grasp opportunities. Recently, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government have made a decision to build a big cultural province. In mid February, they held a provincial private economy working conference and made a "decision on accelerating the development of private economy", which is a rare development opportunity, When placing an order, the enterprises can use the mouse to find out the force value and deformation data of the experimental curve point by point. The analysis should give play to their respective advantages, speed up the pace of development, strive to become stronger and bigger, and make a positive contribution to the economic development of the South China Sea

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