The hottest printing enterprise cost management II

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Under the cost management of printing enterprises

8. Correctly deal with the relationship between maintenance costs and maintenance effects

it is not advisable to simply reduce maintenance costs without considering maintenance effects. There are many imported equipment in the printing industry, and the price of imported spare parts is often too high, while domestic spare parts are often of low quality. How to achieve a comprehensive balance between the two is a very important management problem. For key components, imported parts must be used when necessary to improve the maintenance effect. For some domestic components that can meet the quality requirements through quality control, we can use our own technical force to independently develop and control the quality, and we can also cooperate with relevant domestic manufacturers

9. implement equipment information management

pay attention to the collection and feedback of information in the whole process, and conduct research and solutions in time. In the process of equipment procurement, we should also pay attention to obtaining information support from the use and maintenance department to ensure the accuracy of decision-making. In addition, attention should also be paid to the collection of manufacturer information to create a good environment for equipment procurement, maintenance and transformation

10. Classify and manage the equipment

classify the equipment according to its comprehensive efficiency and importance, and manage the key equipment. Its main evaluation elements: the impact of the fault, whether there is alternative equipment, starting condition, repair difficulty, impact on quality, original value, etc. Through the comprehensive scoring of the above factors of rapid growth in the sales revenue of the company's modified plastic business, generally speaking, the key class a equipment accounts for 10%, the general class B equipment accounts for 75%, and the secondary class C equipment accounts for about 15%

III. implementation and effect evaluation of organizational measures

1. The effect evaluation of equipment management should use the method of economic and technological comprehensive analysis, which mainly includes the following indicators:

(1) equipment intact rate

the ratio of the number of intact equipment to the total number of equipment

(2) equipment failure rate

1 The measurement range is wide

the ratio of fault downtime to production operation time

(3) unit product maintenance cost

ratio of maintenance cost to total product output

(4) the ratio of maintenance cost to total production cost, which is often needed for the length of functional inspection

2. The concept and method of equipment management must be implemented through corresponding organizational management measures to achieve the expected purpose. Therefore, we should do a good job in the following aspects

(1) put equipment management at the central link of enterprise strategy and make strategic planning for equipment management. Printing industry is an industrial enterprise with the nature of processing services. It has the general characteristics of processing industrial production and the marketing characteristics of service industry. Equipment management has special strategic significance

(2) improve the level of equipment management, establish equipment management system and perfect assessment system. The top leaders of the enterprise should pay enough attention to the equipment management. Generally, a deputy factory level leader should be directly responsible, and a special director or deputy director should be determined in each workshop and department to be responsible for the equipment management of the workshop and department

(3) establish the equipment management system of the whole plant, improve the assessment mechanism, and directly link the comprehensive effect with the salary of personnel

(4) apply the whole process management concept to all links of equipment management, from maintenance and use to the whole process of equipment ordering and use

(5) establish an equipment management system with the whole process management, life cycle management and preventive maintenance system as the core, so that the equipment management department can change from daily maintenance to condition monitoring

(6) actively use their own scientific and technological strength. The production enterprise has many years of practical experience and test conditions, and has the most say in the localization effect of some spare parts. It should actively use its own scientific and technological strength to carry out some development work. For example, when some plastic parts and mechanical parts on the equipment cannot be solved in China and the purchase of original products is expensive, we can consider independent localization development, which can save a lot of expenses, and even form exportable products

after the author's equipment management practice in recent years, the above concepts and systems have achieved good results. Using the maintenance management method with the preventive maintenance system as the core, we have reduced the number of full-time maintenance personnel by 70% while the output value has increased by 100%. The intact state of the equipment is basically 100%, and the failure rate is close to 0, effectively ensuring the smooth progress of production. At the same time, the maintenance cost has decreased year by year, especially after the introduction of new main equipment by using the whole process management method. The 1000 yuan Haizheng Group invested nearly 1billion yuan to launch the 50000 ton/year polylactic acid industrial chain project in Taizhou Bay circular economy industry convergence zone, and the output value maintenance cost has decreased by 50%. In addition, imported original packaging materials are used more in production, and the product quality has been greatly improved, Good economic benefits have been achieved. Some spare parts products independently developed by us have saved a lot of maintenance costs, such as 60% for ink roller, 90% for plastic gear, 99% for imagesetter parts maintenance, 70% for printing drum repair, 95% for deinking clutch, 50% for centralized ink supply system, etc., which greatly reduces the equipment and maintenance costs

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