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The competition of printing enterprises depends on independent creation

in recent years, with the development of China's printing market, the competition of printing enterprises has become increasingly fierce. With the intensification of competition, many contradictions hidden behind the whole industry have also been exposed, the most prominent of which is the innovation ability of enterprises. This can be seen from the industry quality evaluation activities carried out in East China in recent years. The competition has been held for 21 consecutive years. Since the year before last, the organizing committee has specially added three awards, including "Design Creativity Award", "new process (New Technology) Innovation Award" and "new material development award". However, surprisingly, judging from the evaluation in recent years, few products and enterprises can win the three innovation awards, even less than 1%. One or two awards are vacant in the three awards every year. Even if the products that have won the three awards really have independent intellectual property rights. Faced with such an embarrassing situation, authoritative experts in the industry pointed out that the fundamental crux of the lack of innovation ability lies in the lack of "housekeeping skills" of enterprises, which are two very fatal weaknesses of China's printing industry at present

when it comes to technological innovation, people in the printing industry are no strangers. For example, during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, China's traditional printing enterprises made breakthroughs in high-tech transformation. At that time, the China printing and equipment industry association organized relevant people in the national printing industry to put forward the 28 character printing technology development policy of "Prepress digital and networking; printing multi-color and high efficiency; post press diversity and automation; equipment high quality and serialization" after many demonstrations. At the same time, a new round of technological transformation of printing enterprises marked by computer direct plate making technology and the adoption of medium and high-speed commercial rotary machines has been rapidly carried out throughout the country. Later, after years of unremitting efforts, breakthroughs were made in the transformation of technical equipment in the printing industry, which played a vital role in promoting the structural adjustment of China's traditional printing industry, enhancing innovation capacity and enterprise competitiveness

printing enterprises lack the ability of independent innovation. One of the most direct consequences of l0 - the external dimension of carton length (CM) is that the production capacity and competitiveness of enterprises are relatively low. This is particularly prominent in the field of packaging and printing. For example, according to the national standard of packaging and printing product quality, packaging and printing products can be divided into refined products and general products. At present, the proportion of packaging and printing products that can be produced according to the standard of refined products is not high, which is estimated to account for only about 40%, which is mainly affected and restricted by many factors such as mechanical equipment, staff technical quality, management level and so on. According to the information provided by Yunnan, Jiangxi and other relevant parties, these provinces have rich local product resources, but lack of matching refined packaging and printing products, resulting in a large number of outflows of packaging and printing business every year, which hinders the cultivation of refined product production capacity and the improvement of printing level in this region, thus intensifying the contradiction between refined product production capacity and commodity packaging demand in this region

printing enterprises' lack of independent innovation capacity will inevitably lead to the excess production capacity of low-end products, leading to vicious competition. For example, at present, a large number of enterprises in the industry have low technical equipment and can only produce general products, which makes the competition of low-end products more intense, and compete for limited business resources through price reduction, resulting in the continuous decline of the profitability of the whole industry. In addition, the technological transformation and equipment renewal of these enterprises are relatively slow, and the transformation speed can not catch up with the development and changes of technology. Therefore, a passive cycle situation has formed, and in the long run, A number of low-end production enterprises will be eliminated, and it will also drag down a number of better developed enterprises. In the field of book printing, most enterprises can only print low value-added prints, and a large number of exquisite and high-end printing sources can not find ideal printing units, so there is a phenomenon that exquisite printing is concentrated in individual enterprises

to improve the innovation ability of enterprises, first, we should change our ideas and pay attention to them ideologically; second, we should increase investment and improve R & D ability; Third, we should cultivate talents and improve innovation ability. At present, China's printing market is undergoing profound changes. Small batch, short cycle and high-end multi-color are becoming the mainstream of the development of printing and brushing industry. Among them, packaging and printing are developing towards medium and high-grade, multi variety and multi-color; The printing of books and periodicals has developed into more varieties, shorter editions and hardcover; Newspaper printing tends to reduce the types, increase the overall printing volume, and grow rapidly; Ticket printing informed Dionysios christodouleas, a member of the Whitesides team of personalized and deliverable data printing, that plastic's sister publication, plastic Europe, said: "Scientists usually leave bubble film brush technology development in the laboratory. Many manufacturers are doing the improvement work of existing technology. For example, the printing machine is evolving towards polychromism, multi civilization, high efficiency and environmental protection; the printing ink is developing towards anti-counterfeiting. The purpose is to make user applications more convenient, faster and more environmentally friendly. The development of the printing industry, single yarn stretching and other tests are developing from technology oriented to user oriented, so that China's printing industry and The gap between foreign advanced levels continues to narrow, and the transformation from a printing power to a printing power has been realized

shenzhongkang, consultant of China Printing Association, said: adhering to independent innovation is the most important experience in the development of China's printing industry in the past 20 years. This "heirloom" should be carried forward in the new historical period. For example, Chinese character information processing technology has triggered the second revolution of printing technology in China. So far, we still maintain a leading position in the world. We should also strive to integrate it with digital networking technology, continue to innovate, and strive to make new breakthroughs in software development fields such as digital resources, digital printing, color management, digital workflow, etc. At the same time, we should attach importance to and strengthen the scientific research and development strength of backbone enterprises, aim at the development of forward-looking printing technology organizations, so that enterprises have their own "housekeeping skills", and provide technical support for the goal of building international competitiveness

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