Safety measures for water exploration and drainage

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Safety measures for water exploration and drainage in coal mines

1 According to the "coal mine safety regulations", in the process of coal mine production, we must implement the principle of "if there is any doubt, we must explore first and then dig", carefully implement the work of water exploration and drainage, truly put an end to flood accidents, and ensure mine safety production. The special electronic universal experimental machine prepares the technical measures for water exploration and drainage safety in the detection industry as follows:

2 Establish a leading group for water exploration and drainage, with the group leader: mine manager, members: safety mine manager, technician, tile inspector, safety officer

3 In the process of mining, if you pass through the goaf, you must first find out whether there is water in the goaf. If there is water, you must discharge it before construction

4. First, determine the exact location of the goaf from the mining engineering plan, and then design the water exploration and drainage scheme, in which various parameters of the water exploration and drainage borehole, the estimated water storage, and the disaster avoidance route of pervious water are specified

5. Before discharging water, the ditch at the place where the water flows must be cleared and unblocked. If it is necessary to drain water with a drainage pump, it must be prepared in advance. 1. For the purpose of the experiment, the drainage pump and drainage pipeline must be prepared and ensure normal operation

6. Before drilling, the water exploration drill must be firmly fixed without looseness. In the process of water exploration, if the drill is loose, it must be reinforced at any time. When operating the drill, personnel cannot stand behind the drill, but only on the side, and operate in strict accordance with the operation of the drill

7. The drilling rig must be locked by wind power and gas power

8. It is strictly prohibited to operate without wind, breeze and gas

9. During the drainage period, each shift must send management personnel on duty on site to observe how the interface of the pervious omen testing machine is designed and report to the dispatching room on time

10. If there is an omen of water penetration of Jinan assaying automatic pressure testing machine, the on-site management personnel must immediately evacuate all personnel at the place threatened by the flood

11. Technicians should collect the data in the process of water discharge on site, and sort it out and put it on file

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