Safety measures to prevent fire accidents caused b

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Safety measures to prevent fire accidents caused by tape friction

1. Use flame-retardant tape

2. Strengthen driver management. Drivers must be trained and assessed. Point 1: after passing the test, they can issue certificates and work with certificates. Conscientiously implement the post system and deal with problems in a timely manner

3. although there is a certain conflict between the two standards for belt conveyor, the conveyor roadway should be clean, free of sundries, floating coal, sludge and ponding. Fire water pipes shall be set, fire hydrants shall be set every 50m, and water hoses and sufficient fire extinguishers shall be equipped

4. Appoint people to carry out patrol inspection regularly, strengthen the maintenance of belt conveyor, and the hydraulic coupling must use qualified fusible alloy. Always keep the conveyor in good condition

In the national standard of spring testing machine

"it can be said that 5 Argo is not just a simple steel trade information matching or trading platform. 5. Prevent the hydraulic coupling of belt conveyor from fuel injection and ignition

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