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Safety measures on electrical equipment lines

when working on electrical equipment or lines above and below the well, all safety technical measures must be completed according to the following steps

I. report or contact with relevant departments in February 2014 before power transmission

second, the handle lock of the switch must be locked after power failure. It is a new type of high-function fine inorganic product facing the 21st century, and the power failure warning signs with the words "no power transmission, someone works" and the power-off and transmission number plates must be hung to prevent misoperation

III. The power cut-off operation must be operated in the order of switch, load side knife switch and bus side knife switch. The sequence of power transmission and closing is opposite, and it is strictly forbidden to pull the knife switch with load

IV. when checking electricity, we must pay attention to the use of electroscope suitable for its voltage level. Before the electricity test, the test should be carried out on the equipment with electricity to confirm that the electroscope is good, and then check whether the equipment and lines with power cut off have voltage. It is often difficult to distinguish whether there is electricity in the electroscope due to the effect of sunlight when carrying out electrical testing outdoors. Therefore, we should be particularly careful and pay more attention to obtain a reliable proof that there is no voltage. According to different situations, we can take the following measures:

1. After cutting off the power supply, we must carry out power inspection in the substation and distribution station (room)

2. On outdoor lines (especially on branch or circular lines), observation, hearing, test and finally electricity inspection must be carried out at the location of electrical equipment (such as motors, transformers, lamps, etc.)

(1) when working on some power-off equipment, the distance to the normal activity range of the personnel who enter the door is also low: 1 meter at 35kV voltage level, 0.7 meters at 10kV and below voltage level. Temporary barriers shall be installed for the power-off equipment less than the specified distance, and the distance between the temporary barriers and the live parts shall not be less than 0.6 meters at 35kV, 0.35 meters at 10kV and below. The temporary barrier can be made of dry wood, rubber or other tough insulating materials. The installation should be firm and reliable, and hung to stop. High voltage is dangerous! Warning signs to ensure that workers do not touch live parts. If these measures are still considered inappropriate, the power supply of adjacent live parts must be cut off

(2) the conductor can be discharged and short circuited to ground only after it is verified that there is no voltage. When carrying out this work, the ground terminal should be connected first, and then the conductor terminal. When connecting the ground wire of multi-layer power lines erected on the same pole and tower, connect the low voltage first, then the high voltage, then the lower layer, and then the upper layer

when installing and removing the grounding wire, the staff should use insulating rods or wear insulating gloves, and the human body should not touch the grounding wire

(3) after the completion of the above measures, the person in charge of the work shall conduct a detailed inspection on the two types of wear measurement methods. Only after these measures are properly completed can the work be allowed to start

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