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Safety measures in blank production

1. Curing agent (white material) and accelerator (red material) are strong oxidants and reductants. Therefore, when storing white material, handicraft factories must strictly separate the two substances, never put them together, and must put them in different rooms

2. Since the curing agent (white material) is prone to spontaneous combustion when the temperature reaches more than 30 ℃, if it cannot be found and handled in time, explosion accidents are likely to occur in closed containers. Therefore, in summer with high temperature, it is necessary to spray cold water on the white material barrel to maintain a low white material temperature. At the same time, do not store too much white material in the workshop warehouse every day, To reduce the possibility of accidents

3. When using white materials, do not use metal containers or unclean containers, because white materials will oxidize with metals and other substances to release heat, which will greatly increase the temperature of white materials, causing white materials to burn and explode

4. When using white materials, do not use metal spoons or unclean containers, and get as much as you use less. Because the metal spoon and the resin residue falling from the product fall into the white material, it will react with the white material and cause the white material to burn. Handicraft factories appear most of this problem, and we should attach special importance to it

5. The ventilation of the mixing room should be done well. The purpose of the resin small panel control system is to make the equipment work efficiently. During the mixing process, a large number of flammable and explosive gases will be generated and dispersed in the air. After reaching a certain concentration, a little spark or open fire will cause combustion and explosion. Therefore, the ventilation of the mixing room must be taken seriously, which is equally important for the color painting workshop. It is better to replace the power switch of the mixing room with explosion-proof type to prevent sparks

6. The intake of the air compressor and the waste plastic recycling plant are not many, so it should be far away from the gas pollution source. Due to the high air pressure in the air tank of the air compressor, if flammable and explosive gases enter, it will cause an explosion, causing serious consequences. Therefore, the air inlet of the air compressor should be located outside the workshop, where the air is fresh and well circulated

fireworks should be strictly prohibited in the production area of the handicraft factory, especially mobile smoking, which is very harmful. It must be carefully managed in place. A little negligence may lead to major disasters, and you must not be careless

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