Safety measures for water exploration and drainage

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Safety measures for exploration and drainage of mining face

1 In order to ensure the production safety of the mine, the mine must do a good job in water hazard analysis and prediction, and adhere to the water exploration and drainage principle of "exploration before excavation, exploration before mining". When the mining face meets one of the following situations, it is necessary to determine the water exploration line for water exploration:

① when it is close to the old empty space and old lane where water may accumulate

② when approaching karst cave and water diversion collapse column

③ when opening the isolated coal pillar to drain water

④. Close to other areas where water may flow out

2. To ensure the safety of water exploration and drainage, the following measures must be strictly followed

① strictly follow the design of water exploration and drainage

② when the mining of the working face reaches the water exploration line, the mining of the working face must be stopped, the support of the working face must be done well according to the operating procedures, and three roads (i.e. coal chute, sidewalk and material road) must be cleared to ensure the smooth passage. When the working face reaches the water exploration line, stop tunneling, clean up the range of 20m head-on and outward, and strengthen the roadway support of this section

③ strengthen the roadway support near the drilling yard, and lay solid main columns and guardrails head-on in the working face

④ clear the roadway and dig a drainage ditch. Ensure that the water can be discharged to the water tank smoothly. If the water detection position is low, a submersible pump must be installed for drainage

⑤ overhaul the drainage equipment, keep the working pump and standby pump in good condition, and ensure that the centralized drainage ditch of the main transportation roadway is unblocked

⑥ the personnel of measurement and water prevention must visit the site in person to determine the location, orientation, angle, depth and number of boreholes of the main water detection holes according to the design

⑦. In areas where the water pressure is expected to be high, before water exploration drilling, the orifice pipe and control gate valve must be installed first, and the pressure test must be carried out. Drilling can be continued only after reaching the designed water pressure. 6. Effective experimental width: 380mm in particularly dangerous areas, Boeing should indicate the place of refuge in an email statement, and specify the disaster avoidance route. The site personnel of the flood avoidance route of this working face must be familiar with everyone

⑧ before water exploration, the designated personnel of the Ministry of mines shall check and maintain the flood avoidance route to ensure that the flood avoidance route is unblocked

⑨. When drilling, it is necessary to stop drilling, but do not pull out the drill pipe, and the on-site person in charge shall immediately report to the mine duty room and send someone to monitor the water situation when it is found that the coal rock is soft, the slope is broken, the incoming pressure or the water pressure and water volume in the drilling suddenly increase, as well as there is a top drill. If a critical situation is found, all personnel in water threatened areas must be evacuated immediately, and then measures must be taken to deal with it

⑩. Before exploring and releasing the old air water, first analyze and find out the spatial location, ponding volume and water pressure of the old air water body. When the ponding area in the old air is higher than the position of the water exploration point, it is only allowed to use the drilling rig to explore and drain water. The water exploration and drainage must hit the old empty water body, monitor the whole drainage process, and check the drainage volume until the old empty water is discharged

⑪. In the process of water exploration and drainage, the gas inspector must be on duty on site. When the drilling hole is close to the old air and there may be gas or other harmful gas gushing, the tile inspector must carefully check the concentration of harmful gas. If it exceeds the provisions of Article 100 of the coal mine safety regulations, the drilling must be stopped immediately, the power supply must be cut off, the personnel must be evacuated, and the mine duty room must be reported for timely treatment

⑫. Before drilling and drainage, the amount of accumulated water must be estimated, and the drainage flow must be controlled according to the drainage capacity of our mine's submersible pump and the capacity of the water bunker. When draining, a special person must be assigned to monitor the water outflow of the drilling, measure the water volume, water pressure, and make records. If the water volume changes suddenly, it must be handled in time and reported to the mine duty room immediately

⑬. When exploring water, the Ministry of mines must have leaders. The new copper alloy material with high thermal conductivity in the mine is the national ldquo; 1025 rdquo; The key project Department of the plan is on duty. Because the experimental machine sticks to its post at any time, grasps the dynamics of underground exploration and drainage, and is responsible for collecting and studying, and solving the abnormal conditions in the process of underground exploration and drainage, the engineer is the General Commander of the whole exploration and drainage

⑭. During water exploration and drainage, install one at 10m outside the drill

⑮ after the water exploration and drainage, the data must be carefully summarized and archived

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